Australians’ trust in China plummets amid bilateral tensions – Poll

Growing bilateral tensions have dented the trust of the Australian people in China, as they consider Beijing as a security threat than an economic partner, a widely watched Lowy Institute’s annual poll revealed on Wednesday.

Key takeaways

“The annual poll shows more than 60% of Australians see China as a security threat, up significantly from 2018 when 18% of respondents had the same view.”

“The results indicate Australia’s conservative government has public support for its assertive approach to China despite a series of trade implications.”

Natasha Kassam, Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Program, at the Lowy Institute, said: “Views of China are to some extent inseparable from the crackdown in Hong Kong, the detention of Uighurs, the disappearance of Australian citizens in China.”

Market implications

AUD/USD remains undermined by the resurgent demand for the US dollar, as it sheds 0.15% on a daily basis, currently trading at 0.7539.

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