Blockchain middleware platform Tatum adds support for CELO, cEUR, and cUSD

Tatum, a blockchain middleware platform, announced it has added support for blockchain platform Celo; including both of its stablecoins. Celo is a mobile-first open ecosystem for building blockchain apps.

The Tatum platform now supports operations on the Celo blockchain and in Tatum’s abstraction layer. Thus, developers can utilize Tatum’s unique virtual account functionality to perform actions separate from the blockchain while periodically synchronizing with it. This allows users to build and test entire applications without connecting to the blockchain, with the capability to then go live in an instant.

Celo offers fast speeds with cheap fees and can be used to deploy NFTs with ease using Tatum. Moreover, Celo’s stablecoins cEUR & cUSD can be used for a wide range of cross-border financial apps.

“All functionality is accessible through Tatum’s API; with highly abstracted endpoints that allow you to perform the most useful operations with ease. You don’t need to learn to code for Celo, or for any blockchain for that matter. You can do everything you need with just a few simple API calls and build full integrations with a free plan. Happy coding!”
– The Tatum Team

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