Fed’s Waller: Would like to start tapering early this fall

“One more good jobs report will be sufficient to be able to start tapering,” the US Federal Reserve (Fed) Governor Christopher Waller said in Yahoo Finance interview, adding that “we would like to start tapering early this fall.”

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Further comments

“We don’t look at virus data unless it spills over into the economy.”

“The economy doesn’t necessarily follow the virus that closely.”

“We definitely have made progress on inflation.”

“Would like to start tapering early this fall.”

“Whether a taper takes six months or eight months wouldn’t have much price effect

“Tapering MBS first ‘is not going to happen.”

“All my business contacts tell me that businesses have pricing power for the first time in a decade and they intend to use it.”

“Prefer finishing taper by mid-2022 to have space for rate hikes if needed.”

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