InfStones blockchain infrastructure secures crypto wallet imToken’s Eth2 staking services

Infinity Stones, a blockchain infrastructure provider for cryptocurrencies, has announced it has partnered with imToken, an Ethereum-based token wallet app, to provide support for in-wallet Eth2 staking services.

imToken users will be able to stake ETH for Eth2 directly in their wallets to earn ETH rewards. Also, users can confirm the status, balance, performance, and profitability of the validator in their wallet at any time; independently participating in the maintenance of the Eth2 network, which offers roughly 8.5% interest.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with InfStones to bring this option to our wallet users. They are a great infrastructure provider that brings the 32ETH SaaS feature; with a long track record of safety and professionalism.”
– imToken Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ben He

Most important, InfStones will provide support for all validator nodes created by imToken wallet users; and assumes responsibility for their secure and stable operation.

“InfStones is dedicated to bringing down traditional barriers, our partnership with imToken will provide users more access allowing clients to stake ETH for Eth2 directly. This is a great practice, allowing millions of users to directly use enterprise-level infrastructure services. The combination of imToken’s superior key management tools and InfStones’ unparalleled infrastructure services is the best Eth2 staking solution in the market to date.”
– InfStones Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Zhenwu Shi

Notably, this service represents one of the first in-wallet Eth2 staking offerings. InfStones will bring the same level of node management and infrastructure support they already bring to some of the biggest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including Binance, BitGo, and Circle, among others.

Source: InfStones
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