Polkadot-powered IDO liquidity app Genesis Shards integrates Darwinia’s cross-chain bridge

Darwinia Network, a decentralized cross-chain bridge network building on Substrate, today announced that projects on Genesis Shards (GS) will be able to implement Darwinia’s cross-chain bridge network for their platforms. Use-cases for Darwinia range across DeFi, trading, NFTs, and gaming.

Genesis Shards is a decentralized ecosystem powered by Polkadot for interchain liquidity of pre-IDO tokens. By wrapping time-locked fungible tokens into NFTs, Genesis Shards is creating a new marketplace for previously illiquid tokens.

Projects on Darwinia will be able to access pre-IDO liquidity through wrapped NFTs on Genesis Shards via Gen Tickets, which be traded on the GEN NFTX or be swapped for post-IDO tokens. More than 25 high-quality access, ecosystem, and network partners have already placed their trust in GS.

“Genesis Shards is pleased to partner with Darwinia for their cross-chain bridging solutions.This partnership will enable projects on Genpad to leverage Darwinia’s network for their cross-chain network requirements.”
– Nilotpal Mukherjee, Genesis Shards Co-Founder

The Darwinia solution provides a safe, efficient general bridge connecting Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, and other heterogeneous blockchains through cross-chain asset transfer and general remote chain calls. Darwinia is supported by the Web3 Foundation grants program.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Genesis Shards! We provide the safest general bridge solution in the space. I am confident that new projects on Genpad will choose our cross-chain network solutions for their cross-chain asset transfer; and general remote chain needs among others.”
– Alex Chien, Darwinia Network Co-Founder

Source: darwinia.network
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