The 2 Things I Love Most About Tesla Service

I’ve gotten used to the Tesla Service experience quite quickly. After almost two years of Tesla Model 3 ownership, I’ve started to forget what’s special about it and take it for granted. But some recent stories, combined with a couple of recent service visits, got me thinking about it again. As I was thinking about it, I realized I’ve never actually written about what I love about Tesla Service so much!

After two trips to the actual physical service center for minor things early on in ownership, I’ve yet to be back. Recently, though, I’ve had a couple of mobile service visits (where a Tesla technician drives to my home in a Model S service vehicle and tends to my Model 3’s needs). The first mobile visit was to replace a 12V battery that had reached the end of its life. The second one was a week ago because my trunk wouldn’t open (it still won’t open and we’re waiting for some parts to get it fixed, but that’s a story for another day).

What’s especially nice about Tesla Service — the #1 thing I like about it — is that I don’t have to worry about Tesla ripping me off to stuff some more cash in its pockets. Everyone knows the story — your local friendly mechanic is a master of getting you to spend far more money than you need for him to “fix something.” Everyone knows that you have to negotiate/haggle with these guys, but the vast majority of us don’t know how to. It’s annoying, stressful, and disheartening. No one wants to have to go get service done on their car, and the communication with the mechanic is one of the most dreadful parts of it all.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he doesn’t want Tesla Service to be a profit center. Ideally, Tesla Service will just barely make money in Elon’s eyes. Overall, he wants the company to offer an honest, fair price for service that just covers the cost of goods and the labor. We’ll have to come back to some of those stories at a later date.

So, yes, thing #1 is that I don’t have to worry about Tesla Service taking advantage of me or boosting its bottom line at my expense. I don’t have to negotiate with the Tesla Service technician. I can trust that Tesla has no reason to do more than it has to, and has no reason to charge more than the parts and labor cost.

The #2 thing that I also love and appreciate is that I can book service through my phone. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of making phone calls, so it’s a relief that I can do things quickly and easily thorough the app on my phone. Tesla gives you a bunch of options to choose from on the app, and you can buy more. You can check those out and pick the most relevant matter for your situation, or if nothing matches, you can write in a response.

Overall, these two benefits are a significant advantage over the old-timer system, which can inspire more people to join the EV revolution family. We’ll see what happens as the year marches on and once the winning Powerwall wins some price..




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