Vinco Ventures Inc (BBIG) Stock News and Forecast: Is the squeeze over or just beginning?

  • BBIG shares continue to move higher with a 6% gain on Wednesday.
  • Meme stocks begin to see some selling pressure.
  • BBIG spiked to $12.49 but closed at $10.22.

Vinco Ventures stock had yet another volatile day on Wednesday with a strong push higher before eventually settling lower to close at $10.22 for a near 6% gain. The stock had traded as high as $12.49 before some afternoon selling across the meme stock universe likely hit BBIG shares also. The stock continues to dominate the social media space as we can see from the Refinitiv social media heat map below. 

Despite results from former king meme GameStop (GME) and some pretty decent news from AMC, BBIG is totally overshadowing them on social media. No surprise given the performance of the stock over the last number of sessions. BBIG shares have exploded from just over $2 to a high so far on Wednesday of $12.49. The main driver has been that old wallstreetbets favourite of short interest. Taking a look again at Refinitiv we see the short interest is spiking to over 42% and the cost to borrow is at the highest level possible according to Refinitive’s Astec scoring system. This has been alluded to by many commentators on social media and mainstream media with Will Meade on Twitter pointing out that Fidelity had no shares available to borrow.

BBIG stock forecast

We are not really in the business of forecasting something quite so volatile even compared to other meme stocks. Also, technical analysis is difficult on something so volatile as the chart is all over the place. What we can see if using a fifteen-minute chart is the concentration of volume from $10.50 to $11.50. If BBIG gets above $12 volume really thins out and less volume means less resistance. However the same can be said for BBIG falling below $7, less volume means less support. Option volumes remain significantly elevated with option open interest running at nearly double the 30-day average and total options volume on Wednesday of over half a million shares, also more than double the 30-day average. It is fair to assume that most of this is call buying! 

We always like to urge careful risk management and stop loss use but this is even more important with this type of trading. This is trading, speculating, not investing so know your risk tolerance and use money you can afford to lose. 

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